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Retail bead stores may access royalty-free classroom and kit patterns that are not available to the general public. For access, please check the box below and upload documentation supporting that you are a retail store. The documentation can include a storefront picture, magazine/newspaper advertisement, website link, or similar. When your bead store account is verified, you will receive an email notification within a few business days. By checking the box, you agree to honor the guidelines of the royalty-free pattern program, which are listed below.

Bead Stores may use patterns royalty-free for:
  • teaching classes
  • building kits
  • promotional giveaways [i.e. free with purchase]
Please do not:
  • sell patterns individually [without a bead kit or class]
  • re-distribute it digitally [do not share patterns online or via e-mail]
  • alter the pattern in any way [such as removing or changing the artist name]
Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in a loss of privileges and possible further action.

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