Pattern Resource
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Bead Patterns
test Stock # : Description
Fireworks Necklace
PTN-KS1-3 : Fireworks Necklace
Holiday Workshop 2016
PTN-TS-3 : Holiday Workshop 2016
Step It Up Bracelet
PTN-KS1-2 : Step It Up Bracelet
Estrellas Necklace
PTN-RB1-1 : Estrellas Necklace
Rose Window
PTN-LJ1-4 : Rose Window
Tri-Star Necklace
PTN-SCH1-1 : Tri-Star Necklace
PTN-BH1-1 : Shapeshifter
Fair Isle Bracelet
PTN-SDE-1 : Fair Isle Bracelet
Flower Lattice
PTN-AN1-1 : Flower Lattice
Bead Store Holiday Workshop
PTN-TS-1 : Bead Store Holiday Workshop
PTN-EB1-4 : Chaînon
Triangle Trellis
PTN-AL1-1 : Triangle Trellis