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Bead Patterns
Kathy Simonds

I am an Idaho native with 2 lovely daughters and 3 amazing grandsons who make my life so enjoyable.  I have been beading for over 7 or 8 years.  It all started after going to a craft show with my friend and after seeing the jewelry and purchasing a bracelet my thought was – I can do that! 

My obsession with beading has evolved from simple beading (and yes I know there is no such thing) on a small table with one bin of beads, to more advanced seed bead weaving and other beading projects with many bins of beads and then taking over my daughter’s bedroom for my bead room after she moved out on her own. 

I really love the challenge of putting those tiny little beads into a design and working on color combinations to show off the designs.  I have met many wonderful people through this adventure who inspire me every day to continue designing and especially to enjoy my time while doing it.