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Bead Patterns
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Blooming Teacups Bracelet
PTN-ZE1-6 : Blooming Teacups Bracelet
Teacup Pinwheels
PTN-ZE1-7 : Teacup Pinwheels
Mosaic Bracelet
PTN-ZE1-5 : Mosaic Bracelet
Asterisk Pendant
PTN-IS1-6 : Asterisk Pendant
Wildflower Bracelet
PTN-MS2-1 : Wildflower Bracelet
Rajani Pendant
PTN-SS1-5 : Rajani Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf Pendant
PTN-KL1-3 : Ginkgo Leaf Pendant
Rosé Rivoli
PTN-KD1-5 : Rosé Rivoli
Canterbury Bells Pendant
PTN-RK1-2 : Canterbury Bells Pendant
Primrose Bracelet
PTN-MB2-8 : Primrose Bracelet
Diamonds of the Desert
PTN-TA1-6 : Diamonds of the Desert
Thistle Flower Bracelet
PTN-RK1-1 : Thistle Flower Bracelet
Bertel Diamond
PTN-VZ1-3 : Bertel Diamond
Polar Express Bracelet
PTN-SS2-2 : Polar Express Bracelet
Lil Earrings
PTN-SS1-3 : Lil Earrings
PTN-OH1-13 : Starburst
Star Light, Star Bright
PTN-OH1-12 : Star Light, Star Bright
Diamond Dance Bracelet
PTN-NV1-1 : Diamond Dance Bracelet
Teatime Trinkets
PTN-NS1-49 : Teatime Trinkets
Rickrack Bracelet
PTN-KD1-3 : Rickrack Bracelet
Mixed Berries
PTN-JH1-3 : Mixed Berries
PTN-DF1-5 : Crisscross
Fleur-de-lis Earrings
PTN-MB2-7 : Fleur-de-lis Earrings
Morpheus Beaded Bead
PTN-IS1-5 : Morpheus Beaded Bead
Rhombus Bracelet
PTN-ZE1-4 : Rhombus Bracelet
Andromeda Pendant
PTN-OH1-14 : Andromeda Pendant
Grapevine Bracelet
PTN-LJ1-10 : Grapevine Bracelet
Pol Bracelet
PTN-VZ1-2 : Pol Bracelet
Hope Pendant
PTN-SS1-4 : Hope Pendant
Starman Holiday Workshop 2018
PTN-TS-5 : Starman Holiday Workshop 2018
Frozen Tundra Bracelet
PTN-KD1-4 : Frozen Tundra Bracelet
X Marks the Spot Bracelet
PTN-LJ1-9 : X Marks the Spot Bracelet
Double Demi Drop Kumihimo Bracelet
PTN-RC1-1 : Double Demi Drop Kumihimo Bracelet
Modern Lace Bracelet
PTN-ZE1-3 : Modern Lace Bracelet
Basket Weave Bangle
PTN-KS2-3 : Basket Weave Bangle
Take Flight Bracelet
PTN-OH1-11 : Take Flight Bracelet
Starflower Bracelet
PTN-DF1-4 : Starflower Bracelet
Triplet Pendant: Assembly
PTN-NS1-48 : Triplet Pendant: Assembly
Triplet Pendant: Round Component
PTN-NS1-47 : Triplet Pendant: Round Component
Triplet Pendant: Long Component
PTN-NS1-46 : Triplet Pendant: Long Component
Triplet Pendant: Star Component
PTN-NS1-45 : Triplet Pendant: Star Component
Faux Nouage Bracelet
PTN-SS2-1 : Faux Nouage Bracelet
Bertel Earrings
PTN-VZ1-1 : Bertel Earrings
Diamond Tweed Bracelet
PTN-HR1-2 : Diamond Tweed Bracelet
Peekaboo Bracelet
PTN-MB2-6 : Peekaboo Bracelet
Byzantine Bangle
PTN-KS2-2 : Byzantine Bangle
Spring in Bloom Bracelet
PTN-CC1-1 : Spring in Bloom Bracelet
Ice Crystals
PTN-OH1-10 : Ice Crystals
Wonderland Medallion
PTN-NS1-41 : Wonderland Medallion
Eternity Bracelet
PTN-NS1-40 : Eternity Bracelet
North Star
PTN-IS1-4 : North Star
Winter Sky Earrings
PTN-IS1-3 : Winter Sky Earrings
Silent Snowfall Pendant
PTN-IS1-2 : Silent Snowfall Pendant
Frosted Leaves Earrings
PTN-AN1-6 : Frosted Leaves Earrings
Bubble Bracelet
PTN-MMR-MGS-1 : Bubble Bracelet
Medieval Bracelet
PTN-ZE1-2 : Medieval Bracelet
Queen of Diamonds Bracelet
PTN-VF1-1 : Queen of Diamonds Bracelet
Filigrana Bracelet
PTN-MB2-5 : Filigrana Bracelet
Argyle Bracelet
PTN-EY1-3 : Argyle Bracelet
Insignia Bracelet
PTN-NS1-43 : Insignia Bracelet
Cairn Bracelet
PTN-ZE1-1 : Cairn Bracelet
Wicker Bracelet
PTN-KD1-2 : Wicker Bracelet
Beauvais Bracelet
PTN-NS1-42 : Beauvais Bracelet
Lissy Wrap Bracelet
PTN-SS1-2 : Lissy Wrap Bracelet
Chi Bracelet
PTN-TA1-5 : Chi Bracelet
Ombré Orbit Bracelet
PTN-LJ1-8 : Ombré Orbit Bracelet
Kathe Bracelet
PTN-SS1-1 : Kathe Bracelet
Starman Holiday Workshop 2017
PTN-TS-4 : Starman Holiday Workshop 2017
Patchwork Bracelet by Kelly Dale
PTN-KD1-01 : Patchwork Bracelet by Kelly Dale
Byzantine Pendant
PTN-MS1-02 : Byzantine Pendant
Pebble Lane Bracelet
PTN-AN1-5 : Pebble Lane Bracelet
Kilim Cuff
PTN-CO1-8 : Kilim Cuff
Dewdrops Necklace
PTN-MGS-2 : Dewdrops Necklace
English Crescent Bracelet
PTN-RP1-1 : English Crescent Bracelet
Crossroads Cuff
PTN-MB1-4 : Crossroads Cuff
Lacy Links
PTN-IP1-2 : Lacy Links
Whatamelon Bracelet
PTN-SDE-3 : Whatamelon Bracelet
Sweet Harmony Bracelet
PTN-JH1-2 : Sweet Harmony Bracelet
Keystones Bracelet
PTN-MB2-3 : Keystones Bracelet
Morning Glory Bracelet
PTN-PD2-2 : Morning Glory Bracelet
Pauline Pendant
PTN-CO1-7 : Pauline Pendant
Bountiful Bracelet
PTN-NS1-NS15 : Bountiful Bracelet
Demi Deluxe Bracelet
PTN-MB2-1 : Demi Deluxe Bracelet
Wayfarer Earrings
PTN-PD1-10 : Wayfarer Earrings
Sunflower Earrings
PTN-OH1-8 : Sunflower Earrings
Cypress Leaf Bracelet
PTN-JH1-1 : Cypress Leaf Bracelet
Eclipse Pendant
PTN-MS1-1 : Eclipse Pendant
Queen of the Night Bracelet
PTN-MO1-1 : Queen of the Night Bracelet
Bijou Cabochon Bracelet
PTN-KL1-1 : Bijou Cabochon Bracelet
Protect Me Bracelet
PTN-IP1-1 : Protect Me Bracelet
Denali Cuff Bracelet
PTN-CO1-6 : Denali Cuff Bracelet
Fireworks Necklace
PTN-KS1-3 : Fireworks Necklace
Sweet Alyssum Bracelet
PTN-MTM1-1 : Sweet Alyssum Bracelet
Octavia Earrings
PTN-IS1-1 : Octavia Earrings
Datura Pendant
PTN-NS1-37 : Datura Pendant
Isabella Cuff
PTN-CO1-5 : Isabella Cuff
Slytherin Bangle
PTN-RB1-2 : Slytherin Bangle
PTN-OH1-4 : Montpensier
Crescent Cuddles
PTN-SCH1-3 : Crescent Cuddles
Holiday Workshop 2016
PTN-TS-3 : Holiday Workshop 2016
Lilies on the Water
PTN-LJ1-6 : Lilies on the Water
Vineyard Harvest Bracelet
PTN-MMR1-2 : Vineyard Harvest Bracelet
Demitria Bracelet
PTN-MN1-1 : Demitria Bracelet
Luna Rosa Bracelet
PTN-CO1-4 : Luna Rosa Bracelet
Lenora Bracelet
PTN-LJ1-5 : Lenora Bracelet
Step It Up Bracelet
PTN-KS1-2 : Step It Up Bracelet
Sahara Sky Bracelet
PTN-AW1-1 : Sahara Sky Bracelet
English Ruffle
PTN-YS1-3 : English Ruffle
Little Five Points Earrings
PTN-SG1-1 : Little Five Points Earrings
PTN-AA1-4 : Masquerade
Winding Current Bracelet
PTN-MMR1-1 : Winding Current Bracelet
Chenille Stitch Bangles
PTN-NS1-34 : Chenille Stitch Bangles
Windflower Necklace
PTN-OH1-3 : Windflower Necklace
Bon Bon Bracelet
PTN-EY1-2 : Bon Bon Bracelet
A Pop of Color
PTN-AK1-1 : A Pop of Color
Golden Horizons Necklace
PTN-MGS-1 : Golden Horizons Necklace
Cornerstones Bracelet
PTN-KS3-1 : Cornerstones Bracelet
Bird's Tail Necklace
PTN-AN1-4 : Bird's Tail Necklace
Purple Passion Necklace
PTN-SDE-2 : Purple Passion Necklace
Garden Gate Bracelet
PTN-LF1-3 : Garden Gate Bracelet
Lentil Lantern
PTN-GF1-1 : Lentil Lantern
Rippling Ovals Bracelet
PTN-DF1-3 : Rippling Ovals Bracelet
Triangle Twist
PTN-KS2-1 : Triangle Twist
Estrellas Necklace
PTN-RB1-1 : Estrellas Necklace
Alrika Earrings
PTN-OH1-2 : Alrika Earrings
Frill Seeker Necklace
PTN-YW1-1 : Frill Seeker Necklace
Chrysanthemum Bracelet
PTN-NS1-36 : Chrysanthemum Bracelet
Winter Flower
PTN-NS1-35 : Winter Flower
Holiday Workshop 2015
PTN-TS-2 : Holiday Workshop 2015
Archways Bracelet
PTN-PD3-1 : Archways Bracelet
Empress Pendant
PTN-NS1-33 : Empress Pendant
Titania Bracelet
PTN-MM1-1 : Titania Bracelet
Rose Window
PTN-LJ1-4 : Rose Window
Honeycomb Earrings
PTN-VJ1-1 : Honeycomb Earrings
PTN-LJ1-3 : Quatrefoil
Bachelor Buttons
PTN-SCH1-2 : Bachelor Buttons
Bellflower Earrings
PTN-CH1-1 : Bellflower Earrings
Tri-Star Necklace
PTN-SCH1-1 : Tri-Star Necklace
Rondelle Row
PTN-CO1-3 : Rondelle Row
Swanky Snake
PTN-AN1-3 : Swanky Snake
Teresa Earrings
PTN-CO1-2 : Teresa Earrings
Briar Rose Spiral
PTN-EY2-1 : Briar Rose Spiral
Sunray Earrings
PTN-PD2-1 : Sunray Earrings
Spheric Earrings
PTN-TM-AL1 : Spheric Earrings
PTN-BH1-1 : Shapeshifter
Shadow Valley
PTN-SE1-5 : Shadow Valley
PTN-DF1-2 : Rollercoaster
Pointed Poppy
PTN-CO1-1 : Pointed Poppy
Fair Isle Bracelet
PTN-SDE-1 : Fair Isle Bracelet
Double Tile Bangle
PTN-CM1-1 : Double Tile Bangle
Cordone le Vie
PTN-KR1-1 : Cordone le Vie
Fanfare Pendant
PTN-LF1-2 : Fanfare Pendant
X-Factor Bracelet
PTN-KW1-1 : X-Factor Bracelet
Celtic Knot Earrings
PTN-YS1-2 : Celtic Knot Earrings
Layers of Brilliance
PTN-SE1-4 : Layers of Brilliance
Serendipity Earrings
PTN-LF1-1 : Serendipity Earrings
Zipper Bracelet
PTN-AL2-1 : Zipper Bracelet
Silver Star
PTN-NS1-32 : Silver Star
Flower Lattice
PTN-AN1-1 : Flower Lattice
A Pinch of Elegance
PTN-LJ1-2 : A Pinch of Elegance
Victory Bangle
PTN-NS1-20 : Victory Bangle
Bead Store Holiday Workshop
PTN-TS-1 : Bead Store Holiday Workshop
Palmetto Necklace
PTN-YS1-1 : Palmetto Necklace
Dagger Duo
PTN-LJ1-1 : Dagger Duo
Flower Patch
PTN-NS1-16 : Flower Patch
Star Power
PTN-NS1-14 : Star Power
Heirloom Earrings
PTN-SE1-3 : Heirloom Earrings
Pearls on Posies
PTN-MB1-2 : Pearls on Posies
Dagger Fern Earrings
PTN-DF1-1 : Dagger Fern Earrings
PTN-EB1-4 : Chaînon
Sweet Gum Ring
PTN-AH1-1 : Sweet Gum Ring
Triangle Trellis
PTN-AL1-1 : Triangle Trellis
Point Taken
PTN-KR1-2 : Point Taken
Sonoran Sun
PTN-NS11 : Sonoran Sun
Triple Crown
PTN-NS1-10 : Triple Crown
Hilltop Promenade
PTN-NS1-9 : Hilltop Promenade
Trifecta Bracelet
PTN-NS1-8 : Trifecta Bracelet
Whirlwind Ring
PTN-HR1-1 : Whirlwind Ring
Snake Skin
PTN-SE1-1 : Snake Skin
PTN-NS1-7 : Promenade
Just Rollin' Along
PTN-EB1-3 : Just Rollin' Along
Breezeway Bangle
PTN-NS1-6 : Breezeway Bangle
Ruffled Rondelle
PTN-NS1-5 : Ruffled Rondelle
Parisian Lace
PTN-EB1-2 : Parisian Lace
Fantastic Frills
PTN-EB1-1 : Fantastic Frills
Chrysalis - Part 2
PTN-JS1-4 : Chrysalis - Part 2
Brick & Tile Ladder
PTN-KS1-1 : Brick & Tile Ladder
Art Deco Necklace
PTN-PD1-1 : Art Deco Necklace
Burgeoning Blossoms
PTN-MB1-1 : Burgeoning Blossoms
Chrysalis - Part 1
PTN-JS1-3 : Chrysalis - Part 1
PTN-NS1-4 : Tessella
PTN-NS1-3 : Fleurette
Squaring Up
PTN-JS1-2 : Squaring Up
Succulence Bracelet
PTN-AA1-1 : Succulence Bracelet
Enchanted Pathways
PTN-JS1-1 : Enchanted Pathways
Elizabethan Petal
PTN-NS1-2 : Elizabethan Petal
PTN-EY1-1 : Corner-to-Corner
Ice Ruffle
PTN-NS1-1 : Ice Ruffle