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Bead Patterns
Honeycomb Earrings

These structural earrings build quickly and easily thanks to the compatibility of the CzechMates 2-Hole and 4-Hole Beading System.

Gold/Copper – CzechMates QuadraTile Matte Metallic Antique Copper (387-06-K0175); CzechMates Bar Dk Bronze (389-26-14415); Melon 5mm 24k Gold (287-05-270); TOHO Round 8º Higher-Metallic Amethyst (TR-08-502); TOHO Round 11º Bronze (TR-11-221).
Gold/Red (Not shown) – CzechMates QuadraTile Opq Luster Picasso (387-06-P65401); CzechMates Bar Jet (389-26-2398); Melon 5mm Sunset Maple (287-05-B9004); TOHO Round 8º Gold-Lustered Trans. Pink (TR-08-421), PF Galv. Starlight (TR-08-PF557); TOHO Round 11º Lt. Amethyst/Pink Lined (TR-11-959), Bronze (TR-11-221).

Honeycomb Earrings

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Item code: PTN-VJ1-1