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Bead Patterns
Tri-Star Necklace

This versatile pendant and rope design can be stitched with your choice of the CzechMates® Bar™ or CzechMates® Triangle™. The instructions also include a beaded toggle clasp.

Ask your local bead store for this TrendSetter tutorial.  Bead Stores: Login with your verified bead store account to download this pattern.

Green/Gold: CzechMates® 2-Hole Bar Matte Metallic Flax (389-26-K0171); SuperDuo Halo Heavens (364-25-29267); 4mm Round Sueded Gold Emerald (5-04-MSG5073); 2mm Firepolish Luster Iris Antique Beige (1-02-LR13060); Pear-Shaped Drop Milky Peridot Celsian (315-1216-Z61100); TOHO Round 11° PF Galvanized Starlight (TR-11-PF557).
Pink: CzechMates® 2-Hole Triangle Opaque Luster Rose Gold (371-06-P65491); SuperDuo Transparent Bronze (364-25-BZ0003); 4mm Pearl Vanilla (5-04-61104); 2mm Firepolish 24k Gold (1-02-270); Pear-Shaped Drop Milky Pink Celsian (315-1216-Z71010); TOHO Round 11° Dark Bronze (TR-11-222).

Tri-Star Necklace

Item code: PTN-SCH1-1