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Bead Patterns


The QuadraLentil features four holes with hole-spacing that is compatible with the entire CzechMates Beading System. Along with the QuadraTile, the new CzechMates four-hole shapes add structure and strength to your designs.

Easily create a matching jewelry set with this versatile component-based design. Stitch multiple components together for a bracelet or necklace, and use individual components as earrings.

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Red/Bronze: CzechMates QuadraLentil Ult. Luster Green (390-06-P65455); CzechMates Tile Brown Iris French Beige (250-66-BI13070); Firepolish, 3mm Luster Opq. Gold/Smoky Topaz (1-03-P15695); TOHO Magatama, 3mm Gold-Lustered Dk Topaz (TM-03-459); 15º TOHO Seed Beads Higher-Metallic Amethyst (TR-15-502).
Purple/Gold: CzechMates QuadraLentil Metallic Suede Dk Plum (390-06-79083); CzechMates Tile Matte Metallic Flax (250-66-K0171); Firepolish, 3mm Copper Penny (1-03-275); TOHO Magatama, 3mm Matte-Color Mauve Mocha (TM-03-703); 15º TOHO Seed Beads Gold-Lustered Dark Topaz (TR-15-459).
Blue/Green: CzechMates QuadraLentil Luster Champagne (390-06-P14413); CzechMates Tile Opq. Olive Marbled Gold (250-66-GM53420); English Cut, 3mm Opq. Luster Champagne (323-03-P14413); TOHO Magatama, 3mm Gold-Lined Rainbow Aqua (TM-03-995); 15º TOHO Seed Beads Inside-Color Crystal/Gold Lined (TR-15-262).


Item code: PTN-LJ1-3