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Thorsten Grotke-Wegner Thorsten Grotke-Wegner
Term: 2016-2017
When did you start with the hobby? 


How did you get started? 
Although I was from small to already enthusiastic about any kind of manual labor. From childhood, the beads had me with her glitter in handle. Since??? (2005), the Pearl is mania for me. This leaves little room for other creative things. 


Who are the three artists who inspire you the most?
It difficult to fix me on individuals. Of course gelt in front of all the American and German artists. But would I not set me as really. 

How many hours per week you turned this hobby? 

An average of approximately 10 hours a week. My full time occupation is my feeding time on the weekend and limited free days.

Is this more than just your hobby?
Rather a passion/passion/mania. But could I do for 2 years my hobby into a career. I worked for two years in a craft store, for which I was allowed to previously make template pattern from books. In the time I have given courses for the first time with my own designs. 

You a bit more about you would like to tell us? 
Well... I do not really many information for me. I have an individual kind of shy away from any material at the thread. Everything is bought or be rolls. 
A little bit crazy, but every time harmless. 
I am happily married for a year now. Career in sales and hobby, I'm a human being who comes into the world with other people. The mutual exchange of experience, getting to know all facets of my hobbies is very important for me. Actually, I'm really happy with my life. 
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