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Starman TrendSetters Design Team
Amanda Hundt Amanda Hundt
Term: 2014-2016
Idaho United States

My professional background includes a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design with extensive studies in new forms of media. After years of experience, I returned to school for a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I enjoy working with business clients of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to large firms.

My artistic background runs the gamut from cross-stitch to scrapbooking. I've dabbled in calligraphy, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, and even candlemaking. The only things I've never learned to love are yarn and fabric works, much to the chagrin of my mother (a die-hard quilter). I consider myself an avid beader and papercrafter. So far, my paper collection is still bigger than my bead collection, but that appears to be changing.

I feel extremely privileged to be the Coordinator of the Starman TrendSetter design team. Everything I have learned about beading, I learned from a TrendSetter.

I live in the suburbs of beautiful Boise, Idaho, with more cats than is reasonable. 

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