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Kimie Suto Kimie Suto
Term: 2013-2016

Ever since her childhood, Kimie Suto has loved handicrafts, which made her a unique child, as she visited a neighborhood handicraft shop after school almost every day to enjoy drawing and making something together with the shop owners. After working in patchwork for years, she found beadwork. She soon became fascinated by beadwork jewelry, both making and wearing her pieces.

In Japan at that time, bead jewelry was experiencing rapid growth in popularity.  Soon she started teaching beadwork classes at a handicraft shop, gaining more and more students, and currently she teaches more than 100 students per month.

In 2002, she became a certified instructor of Japanese-style beading skills by having completed the curriculum designed by the Japan Association of Leisure and Cultural Development, which is a foundation authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

In 2005, she discovered off-loom beadwork, and was fascinated by its supple and luxurious quality.

Kimie has made hundreds of beadwork pieces to teach her own classes, and currently while working as a member of the curriculum design committee for off-loom beadwork courses, she designs for some Japanese bead magazines and beadwork books. She became a top bead artist, becoming very popular among the readers. This experience has built her confidence in designing. In 2006, her beadwork appeared on the cover of a book featuring the collected works of prominent Japanese bead artists. From November 2007 to October 2008, her designs were featured in Japan’s biggest online bead shop to introduce off-loom beading techniques. In 2008, she won the grand prix at the Bead Art Japan Awards 2008.

As she gets inspiration from her daily life, such as the scenery seen from a train window, she always carries a pen and paper so that she can record the colors and forms of what she sees.  She enjoys working on beadwork based on those journals and piles of papers filled with her ideas.  Her biggest pleasure is to convey the enjoyment and delight of beading to many people through her beadwork.  The unique style of her delicate yet elegant beadwork is appreciated by her fans and enhances feminine beauty.

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