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Melissa Ingram Melissa Ingram
Term: 2014-2015
Queensland Australia
Melissa Ingram is an internationally and nationally published and awarded Beadwork & Textile Jewellery Artist, Project Designer, Tutor and Writer.

"For me jewellery is an accessory of expression of thy self and not just an adornment. I am inspired to create heirloom quality beadwoven & textile jewellery, jewellery that has meaning and value for the wearer.  The addition of vintage or antique beads to a jewellery creation adds elements from the past, that when combined with new elements will ensure a unique and treasured piece of wearable art that will be adored.

I have been involved with 'beads' for more than 20 years but within the last 7 years or so I began teaching myself and experimenting with bead embroidery, Soutache embroidery and off loom beadweaving stitches such as peyote (pay-oh-tee), Ndebele (Nuh-deb-belly), Right Angle Weave (RAW) and my stitch of choice Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW). My design journey has now embraced Shibori silk ribbon as a design element within bead embroidery.
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