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Penny Dixon Penny Dixon
Term: 2012-2017
Idaho United States

I started making jewelry in 2009 because I really needed an indoor “girly” hobby. We’d just moved to a farm in Idaho and the weather didn’t agree with my “delicate disposition”. In other words, I’m a complete wimp when it comes to cold, windy weather. Trying to garden in a zone 2-3 didn’t help either. I quickly found out that beading and I were like “peas and carrots”.

I just loved everything about it. I enjoy the process of beading as well as the result. It’s a journey where learning is always happening; techniques are constantly refined and creativity reigns. I’m amazed by the vast diversity of materials are out there and what can be done to make beautiful designs. With the prompting of several artists and beading enthusiasts, I started sharing my designs and doing a little teaching, too. I hope what you see here inspires you in your journey, too!

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