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Eveline Thudt Eveline Thudt
Term: 2014-2015
Sachsen Germany

"Threading beads for me is yoga!" Says the pearl artist Eveline Thudt, which has fallen since 2010, the addiction of pearls and a life without this art can not imagine.


In the beginning you threaded according to instructions, but quickly realized that there is more in you. After 6 months you began to thread your own ideas, and shortly thereafter to write instructions for it. But that was not enough you! Your goal is this beautiful art of pearl flossing teach many and to share the excitement and relaxation that brings the Thread with with others.

For the year 2014/2015 she was elected by the company Starman Inc. trendsetter of the year.

Several workshops throughout Germany and "New move to needle" at the Schiller Volkshochschule in Ludwigsburg fills the calendar by Eveline Thudt.

"Developing new designs, play with colors and shapes and turn it into a piece of jewelry, that it is what I do best every day"

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