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Starman TrendSetters Design Team
EmLee Young EmLee Young
Term: 2012-2013
Idaho United States

My love of beads started when I was a small child. I was fascinated with a small beaded bouquet of my grandmother’s. When she passed on, the flowers were given to a cousin and I was heartbroken.

Later, as an adult, I decided to make a bouquet for myself. I had no instructions and made the flowers as I remembered them. That was the start of my bead collection and my love of beading.After studying many instruction books, I have found that I like combining techniques and making my own patterns. I also like to combine media. Recently, I made a stained glass lamp with beaded insets. Dolls are a love of mine and I have made beaded clothes for them. I have taught beading one-on-one, and now I am planning to teach at the “Bella Beads" our local beading store here in Marquette, Michigan.

As you can see, my life is full of creative endeavors. I love it and thank God for my talent.
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