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TrendSetters Holiday Workshop
Slytherin Bangle by Kelli Rae Burns
Montpensier by Olga Haserodt
Crescent Cuddles by Sue Charette-Hood
Vineyard Harvest Bracelet by Melissa Mauk Rodarte
Lilies on the Water by Lisa Jordan

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Welcome to the Starman TrendSetters pattern site. Here you will find access to many patterns that feature the latest new beads and trends. To obtain most of these patterns, you must be a bead store owner. Many of the patterns are free or can be obtained for free at your local bead store. Some patterns are taught as part of bead store classes.

If you like the bead patterns on this site, please let the designers know. Most of the designers have more patterns available for sale to stores and individuals. Links to their other work can be found on their bio pages.

The beads featured on this site can be found at your local bead store. If you have difficulty finding any supplies, we'll be happy to help. Contact us through our site Contact Form for referrals.

Are you a bead store looking for patterns? If so, please register as a store or  contact us. We’ll be happy to get you started with our patterns developed especially for classes.

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